Corporate Training

Marcus Oldham College is recognised both nationally and internationally as a leader in the provision of rural business management education.   

While our educational emphasis has been focussed in the undergraduate Level, we have also developed and maintained a strong Corporate training focus through community development programmes in rural leadership for both adults and youth, agribusiness training programmes for banking and financial institutions, international study tours for industry groups, training programmes in business management for a range of industry groups, plus providing ongoing education support through regional seminars for our alumni across the nation.

Marcus Oldham College has developed and delivered training programmes to a range of corporate clients throughout rural Australia.

These include the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ANZ Banking Group, Landmark, Hereford Society, Mutual Trust Group and the Southern Farming Systems Group.

Marcus Oldham corporate training programmes are tailored to the needs of the client.

Our strong links with industry and our national network of agricultural and agribusiness contacts provide an ideal basis for training in the rural and agribusiness sector.

Our training packages for the banking sector provide the opportunity to participate in corporate programmes that enhance banking and financial practices across a diverse range of the rural enterprises for example, our training programs have ranged from cotton, wine grape production, northern beef production and broad acre dryland and irrigated crop production.

These tailored programmes provide the rural banking sector with an overview and understanding of the principles which contribute to a sustainable and economic agricultural business.

The courses assist clients to develop an understanding of the issues which impact on a variety of industries in the rural sector and improve the effectiveness by which rural business banks can identify and analyse a business client’s viability and financial needs.  

Key outcomes of the these programmes are to develop a greater understanding of the environment in which their rural clients operate, to identify the key factors which influence the production performance and profitability of the agricultural production systems of their clients.

The program with the ANZ Banking group was established to provide an educational platform for the Rural banking staff to develop their skills and understanding of the rural industries in which they provide client services.

This tailor made program has included the preparation of a series of industry specific background papers, pre-course study material and assignments, a four-day industry specific training workshop conducted in a regional environment plus a post course Case study assignment.

ANZ Rural Banking staff who successfully complete this training course are awarded the ANZ Executive Certificate of Agribusiness.

Marcus Oldham College can offer training packages with:

•    An industry recognised and soundly based educational framework in rural business management.
•    An understanding and experience of a wide range of rural industries conducted within Australia. 
•    An industry approved holistic (integrated) approach to management of rural and farm businesses. 
•    A national network of alumni, many of who operate in the top 25 per cent of their industry. 
•    Strong industry contacts across a range of rural industries.
•    Proven ability in agribusiness corporate training with both regional and on campus programmes.

Whichever way your business wants to run corporate training, the staff at Marcus Oldham College are professionals, highly qualified and experienced in the design of educational packages that best suit your business and your need to understand the rural sector and its communities.   

For further information on the corporate training programmes, contact  

Sam Inglis, Director of Corporate Training, on telephone: 03 5247 2921
or email: