Warakirri Agricultural Trusts

Category General Industry Corporate Farming
Eligibility Available to applicants enrolled or intending to enrol in Year 1 of the Agriculture Program or Year 1 of the Agribusiness Program.
• Established in 1996 on behalf of Australian superannuation funds.
• Own and operate ten properties spanning approximately 78,000 hectares (72,000 arable hectares) of broadacre cropping farms in Victoria, southern and northern NSW, southern Queensland and Western Australia.
• Warakirri Cropping is one of the largest grain producers in Australia, producing approximately 160,000 tonnes of grain per annum.
• Employ twenty-four full time equivalent farm staff who are responsible for the day-to-day management of the farms together with contract service providers who are utilized for planting and harvest operations.
• Farm operations are supported by seven management and administration staff based in Melbourne.
• Warakirri believes that agricultural investments are well suited to institutional investors given the low correlation to other major asset classes and competitive long term returns, combined with relatively low volatility.

• To generate wealth for our investor, by owning and operating a diversified portfolio of cropping properties, in a safe and sustainable manner

• To operate efficient farms, utilising industry best practice, conservation and sustainable farming techniques

• To protect, enhance and evolve the business, meeting and exceeding our investor’s expectations, whilst developing and supporting our people
Requirements and./or
The scholarship recipient is highly encouraged to undertake their Industry Placement Year at Warakirri Agricultural Trusts

Application Close Date 22/08/2017 Interviews Held 20/09/2017
Scholarship Question(s) In approximately 500 words describe what motivates you to be involved in Australian Agriculture and what are your ambitions in the future. Describe also what the scholarship would mean to you.
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