Golden Egg Farms

Category Eggs Industry Poultry/Agriculture
Eligibility Available to applicants enrolled or intending to enrol in Year 1 of the Agriculture Program or in Year 1 of the Agribusiness Program.
Supported by Golden Egg Farms is Western Australia’s leading supplier of eggs. The business has been established since 1946, providing the people of Western Australia with a high-quality product they can trust and afford.
Golden Egg Farms package and process over 1,000,000 eggs for supermarket shelves, hospitality and the food industry, every single day. Eggs are delivered daily – in fact some stores receive eggs within 24 hours of laying.
They have seven farms across the state, producing free range, barn and cage eggs to a range of Australian industry standards. Golden Egg Farms employ over 200 Western Australians in farming, processing, management, marketing, distribution and more.
Golden Egg Farms are audited and accredited to ESA Standards and their packing floors use HACCP based quality systems, accredited by a third-party auditor.
Their mission is to offer the customer a little more clarity through their ‘Know your Eggs’ initiative which equips people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in the egg aisle.
Golden Egg Farms are educating shoppers about free range, barn and cage egg classifications and accreditations through their advertising, packaging, online content and public relations. Customers can browse their website for the pros and cons of different types of farming as well as nutritional information and inspirational recipes.
Requirements and./or
Applicants intending to enrol must meet College entry requirements. The scholarship recipient would be offered a placement in Year 2 of the Agriculture Program to complete their Industry Placement requirement, or in Year 2 of the Agribusiness Program to complete the Internship requirement. Placement with Golden Egg Farms would allow the student to gain an in-depth understanding of the range of career pathways on offer within this vertically integrated business. The student would be highly encouraged to accept this offer.
Application Close Date 22/08/2017 Interviews Held 20/09/2017
Scholarship Question(s) In approximately 500 words describe what motivates you to be involved in Australian Agriculture and what are your ambitions. Describe what the scholarship would mean to you.
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