Agvance UNCGA Liverpool Plains

Category Merit Industry General Farming
Value $20000
Eligibility This scholarship is available to students in the 1st year of the Bachelor of Business (Farm Management)

$10,000 is provided in the first year and $10,000 in the final year subject to satisfactory practical year performance.
Supported by AgVance Farming Pty Ltd was launched in 1999 by a group of farmers on the Liverpool Plains in Northern New South Wales, Australia. The company was formed to take its members beyond the conventional and establish them at the cutting-edge of agriculture.

Mission: Advancing agriculture through consultation and co-operation with fellow farmers and agricultural specialists.

AgVance strives to improve grain yields and quality, increase cropping frequency, reliability and hence, profitability, whilst employing sustainable and enduring farming practices which guarantee maximum protection for our farms and the environment.

Requirements and./or
Scholarship recipient is highly encouraged to complete their Industry Placement year with AgVance.
Application Close Date 29/8/14 Interviews Held 24/9/14
Scholarship Question(s) Discuss any threats that crop producers in the Liverpool Plains and the Upper Namoi regions of New South Wales may be currently facing. What opportunities do you see for these producers to improve their financial viability?
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