graduate of excellence - nomination form


  • Applications must be no more than 1500 words.
  • Students who graduated between 1963 and 2013 eligible to apply.
  • Winner may be required to submit a small article for MOCOSA.
  • All information given must be presented clearly and accurately.
  • Unsuccessful applicants may apply in any following year.
  • Nominees may be contacted by Rural Press for media purposes.
  • Winner to write a brief report to Marcus Oldham on course undertaken.
  • Applications close Tuesday 31 October 2017
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1. Leadership. * Have you been prepared to get out in front?
2. Innovation. * Have you developed new and innovative ways of doing things?
3. Community/Industry Presence. * Are you involved above and beyond the norm?
4. Success. * Is the business you have or work in successful? What impact did you have?
5. Formation of Public Opinion. * Are you prepared to speak out against popular practices?
6. Attainment of Important Position. * List the position/s held in any industry, company, organisation or association.
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