Study the key to success for Oli Vidor

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Courtesy Andrew Miller, The Stock & Land.

Practical skills, backed by a tertiary education, were vital for young people, wishing to make a career in the agricultural sector, according to a young western Victorian livestock manager.

Oli Vidor, 26, said he hoped to graduate from Geelong’s Marcus Oldham College at the end of this year, with a full Bachelor’s degree in business and farm management.

He was being assisted in his studies with a scholarship from his current employer, Ingelby Farming, the international company which owns Derrinallum’s Mount Elephant Station and several Tasmanian properties. “If I wanted to really progress in the ag industry and work up to higher roles  I really needed a tertiary education,” Mr Vidor said.

The Marcus Oldham studies followed an associate diploma in Queensland. “I then spent another two years in the industry itself, before deciding I wanted some more tertiary education, so that’s how Marcus Oldham came about.”

He said his latest studies offered applied learning, in a well-rounded setting. “Unlike a pure ag science degree, it was still quite applied learning,” Mr Vidor said. “You would learn the theory behind everything but you do it in a manner in which means you can go out and apply it straight away.”

His employer’s parent company, Ingleby Farms and Forests, owns six Tasmanian properties, while at Derrinallum has 2,944 hectares are under crops, with 1,286 hectares of pasture.