Achievements and History

Marcus Oldham College has made some wonderful changes within the college to its courses and facilities.
In its infancy, the College began with 14 students.

Marcus Oldham opens its doors (14 students in Farm Management)
Completion of East Wing
Purchase of McDowall's Property
James Darling Resources Centre Library, Administration and Printing rooms incorporated
McCann Stables developed
Student Facility developed
College Foundation established
Launch of the inaugural fundraising campaign $1.3 million raised
Arthur Beggs Centre developed
Indoor Riding Arena expanded
Scobie and Claire Mackinnon Wing developed for residence
Introduction of Agribusiness course
William Buckland Wing developed including additional lecture room and staff offices
Law-Smith Wing developed for additional residences
Introduction of Degree for Farm Business Management course
Building for Excellence Campaign Launched
Improvements to Equine facilities (seven new horse paddock shelters)
Launch of the Student Financial Assistance program
Launch of the Oldham Society – giving by the Bequest Program
Continued development of industry scholarship opportunities for students across all course
Launch of the Dr Alastair Mackenzie Wool Industry Scholarship Fund
2004/5  Completion of the refurbishment of residential accommodation (constructed in 1961)
Completion of toilet and shower block refurbishment (constructed in 1961)
Dining Room refurbishment
Development of distance education programs
Building for Excellence campaign concludes
$1.4 million raised
Office space extensions to the computer centre
Building to commence in September/October
The Jubilee Campaign launched - Target $3 million
2006/7  Development of two new lecture rooms.
Building to commence in December/January.
Buckland Wing Extension (new classrooms) completed
Official Opening 17th May 2007
In excess of $300,000 raised for the project
Inaugural Golf Day at Moonah Links
In excess of $65,000 raised for the National Jockeys Trust and Marcus Oldham Equine Facilities Project.
2008 Annual Golf Day at Eynesbury. In excess of $75,000 raised for the Marcus Oldham College Dining Room re-development.
Part proceeds donated to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Schools Education Program
Centre for the Study of Rural Australia – launched in May
2009  Annual Golf Day at Eynesbury – raised over $35,000 with part proceeds to CFA
Refurbishment of original (1962) lecture rooms x 3 and student / staff courtyard
Opening of Ivo Dean Centre (Dining room and function centre) and landscaping of courtyard
April $900k gift from the RC & EC (Cappur) Webb Trust
2010     Annual Golf Day at Eynesbury – raised over $40,000 with part proceeds to SecondBite
Opening of Scobie and Claire Mackinnon Stable Complex
(9 stable, 5 day yard, tack room, feed room and wash bays)
2011 Annual Golf Day Eynesbury - Monies raised $35000 with proceeds going towards the extension and upgrade of the College Library “The James Darling Resources Centre” and our chosen charity for 2011, Brainwave Australia.
Opening of upgraded James Darling Resources Centre.
2012   Feb 2012 – Golf Day Monies raised $20000 with proceeds going towards the extension and upgrade of the College Library “The James Darling Resources Centre” and $5000 to our chosen charity for 2012, Cottage by the Sea.
April 2012 – A luncheon was held at Murradoc Farm, Drysdale on Wednesday 18 April. A memorable day where Marcus Oldham had the pleasure of announcing that the college was a recipient of a most generous gift – “Murradoc Farm” – given to us by Philip Myer and his family. The College was delighted to name the new campus after Philip’s mother, Prudence Myer and the CSRA Forum Series after his grandfather Douglas Boyd. The gift is approximately worth $3.8million. Watch the 7.30pm Report about the gifting of Murradoc Farm.
Dec 2012 – Recipients of The William Buckland Foundation donation of $1.2million towards our Entru biz program
2013 Feb 2013 – Golf Day monies raised $36,000 with proceeds going towards Marcus Oldham Student Scholarship fund and $5000 to our chosen charity for 2013 SecondBite
Social Room Fundraising challenge - $300k Dec 13 towards the new student social room – Stage 1 of 3 of the Student Recreational Hub
2014 Feb: Golf Day - $25k towards Student Recreational Hub, supported Cottage by the Sea.
2015 Feb: Golf Day - $25k raised towards building program, supported SecondBite.
April: Opening of Student Recreational Hub. Includes tennis, basketball and volley ball courts, small gym, club room and land scaped gardens.