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Wednesday 1st May 2013 - 9.00am - 1.00pm

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Sam Archer


Sam and his wife Sabrina run mixed farming enterprises in southern NSW.  Their property also serves as a research site for the Australian National University's Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies.

He was awarded an Australian Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2008 and travelled throughout the Americas, Europe and India researching consumer funded environmental stewardship schemes.

Sam is a non-Executive Director of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and formerly Senior Vice President of the NSW Farmers Association, Chair of Murrumbidgee Landcare and a member of the Australian Farm Institute's Research Advisory Committee and the National Farmers' Federation Economics Committee.

During the nineties, he worked with aboriginal resource agencies delivering socio-economic programmes to remote communities in Western Australia.  In between farming and advocacy roles, he has since been engaged as a corporate trouble-shooter within the logistics, utilities and environmental sectors focussing on strategy, governance and sustainability initiatives.

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Graeme Hand


Graeme has worked as an industrial chemist, international marketer, meat industry consultant as well as farm consultant to many family and corporate farmers.  He is based in South West Victoria, Australia and has a special interest in working with family farms helping to create profitable, regenerative farm businesses which are enjoyable to work in.

Graeme and Susie have three children and manage a small beef property at Branxholme in SW Victoria.

Graeme trains throughout Australia on regenerating perennial pastures and grasslands using planned grazing management.  He has also provided training for CMA's and universities, consulted for the meat industry on eating quality and marketing as well as currently managing STIPA Native Grass Association Inc.

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Sam and Prue Pincott
Holbrook Paddock Eggs


Holbrook Paddock Eggs is owned and operated by Sam and Prue Pincott on their property "Kameroo" located near Holbrook, southern New South Wales.

It is a family owned and run business which is managed under holistic principles.  Embarking on an enterprise of rotationally grazing chooks behind a mob of cattle brought together two vastly different livestock types and required a brand new way of thinking.

What started out as an idea to improve soil biology has now grown into a business of its own, known as Holbrook Paddock Eggs.  With the instant feedback on the quality of the eggs (and subsequent demand), numbers have increased dramatically in two and a half years.

Today the Pincotts run just under 5,000 hens and have recently purchased another property near Holbrook which is flat and far more suitable for the growing enterprise.

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Paul and Samantha Crock
Gippsland Natural Meats


In 2000 when Paul and Samantha Crock moved home and shifted their cattle herd from Phillip Island to their property, Biran Biran at Hoddle near Fish Creek, they landed on a 'blank canvas'.

Over-looking Corner Inlet and Wilsons Promontory, Biran Biran is starting to show the benefits of over a decade of dedicated hard work by the pair who started with a whole of farm plan that has now been implemented to about 90 per cent of the property.

In the short time since, they have worked diligently to improve the environmental credentials of their farm and to grow the Gippsland Natural Meats business.

Gippsland Natural Meats is a producer owned company which aims to showcase what Gippsland has to offer.  Producers who market their product through this label and its two brands, Enviromeat and Gippsland Natural Beef, must run their cattle in a free range and natural environment on grass pastures, free of hormone growth promotants and in compliance with Meat Standards Australia (MSA) guidelines.

To further qualitfy for the premium-priced Enviromeat brand, producers must have completed an environmental accreditation developed on the ISO 14001 standard.

A guarenteed beef eating experience, environmentally certified and naturally grown sounds like an easy sell, but trying to get a premium price for the paddock to plate story can be a hard sell to retailers and wholesalers.

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James Nagorcka
Waltanna Gold


The Nagorcka family has run a cropping enterprise at Waltanna Farms, at the Grampians near Hamilton in south-west Victoria, since the 1940s.  Growing farm costs and low grain prices led the family to value-add to their enterprise, firstly by becoming certifiably organic in 1998.  To survive, Waltanna Farms made a conscious decision to develop its agronomic and economic sustainability.

The business selected and bred a new golden variety of flaxseed, Waltanna Gold, which has proven even more appealing to the consumer than the common brown variety.  Waltanna Farm's organic production system continues to improve soil structure and fertility, crop yields and production.

After much research, the business designed and manufactured specialist processing equipment that extracted the flaxseeed oil at a very low temperature in the absence of oxygen and light.  The addition of a processing and bottling plant two years ago has given the infrastructure opportunities to expand, process, bottle and market all produce direct from the farm, maintaining control over quality, purity and freshness.

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