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Red meat has been the mainstay of many Western diets for decades, including our own in Australia, and yet there are new challenges and new opportunities for this evolving industry. The demand for more protein-rich diets is rapidly growing in many parts of Asia as incomes and population grow, providing new and expanding market opportunities for red meat producers. However, more potential meat eaters, does not necessarily mean more business, unless effective marketing strategies are put in place to target market needs and consumer preferences, and to reliably supply quality products.

In more traditional markets, including Australia’s domestic market, consumer preferences and tastes are changing – leaner cuts and ease of preparation are now well entrenched features of red meat products that predominate in our supermarkets. Inside the farm gate, the annual productivity gains from sheep and beef enterprises in Australia have generally been below those from other sectors such as grains and dairying. This creates competitive pressures for land, water and other resource use. Beyond the farm gate, the challenge to enhance competitiveness in more established markets, both domestically and internationally, is underpinned by the need for targeted development of high quality products based on efficient, sustainable and ethical management systems and all supported by effective marketing.

Already aired extensively in the media, looming challenges for the red meat industry include human health concerns (obesity/metabolic syndrome); the future of meat consumption in a food insecure world; and the industry’s ‘carbon footprint’. All of these are important and none can be ignored as the industry prepares for the coming decade.

The expert speakers at this forum will bring their wisdom, knowledge and great experience to bear on the opportunities and challenges for Australia’s domestic and international red meat industry, right along the value chain from consumer plate, supermarket cooler and back to producer paddocks. There will also be a Q & A panel session involving all speakers


Pat McEntee
General Manager Fresh Foods
Woolworths Limited


Pat’s career with Woolworths spans over 20 years in multiple divisions including support and operational roles. Starting with Woolworths in 1987 as a butcher, Pat progressed through store operations before playing an integral part of the meat team in roles of State merchandise Manager – Meat in NSW, and Senior Business Manager – Meat within the National Support Office.

Pat was responsible for much of the product innovation and development of Woolworths’ fresh meat offer that continues to form an important part of their customer fresh food offer today.

In 2007 Pat was chosen to head the development of the Thomas Dux Grocer concept and was instrumental in developing the THOMAS DUX Grocer brand, by managing the operational requirements along with the business planning and strategy.

Appointed General Manager of Fresh Foods in 2009, Pat is responsible for the buying and marketing of Fruit and Vegetables, Meat, Delicatessen, Bakery, Seafood, and Dairy / Frozen Food.

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Glen M. Feist
General Manager
Marketing Meat & Livestock Australia


Born and educated in South Australia, Glen spent the first 20 years of his career in the supermarket area, specialising in meat.

Recognising the opportunity to market and educate Asians in all aspects of Australian meat, Glen moved to Singapore in 1987 to set up the consultancy firm “Prime Advice” and worked throughout South East Asia and China educating and marketing Australian Meat to all end users.
In 1992 he became Director Fresh Food Supply Chain and Logistics with Dairy Farm International. His department processed and delivered over 600 tonnes of fresh food daily to 250 supermarkets and 440 convenience stores.

Accepting a position with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) in 2003 as Regional Manager – Korea, Glen was responsible for “gaining access and building demand” for Australian beef, sheep meats and goat. Through his marketing efforts the MLA brand won Korea Brand of the Year four years in a row and Glen was awarded the prestigious CEO of the Year medal from the Korean Business Herald.

Elected as Chairman of the Australia, New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea in 2005, he was also a member of the Foreign Investment Advisory Committee for Seoul and on the Business Advisory Committee for Korea. Transferred to Japan in 2009 as Regional Manager, Glen became General Manager Marketing in 2010. He was on the Board of the Japan Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman, Agricultural Committee.

Now in Sydney, Glen leads a team of talented marketers who cover the Australian market in areas such as nutrition, consumer marketing, supply chain development, retail marketing and food service development.

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Peter Greenham Jnr
Managing Director
H W Greenham & Sons


Peter completed a mechanical engineering degree at Monash University before becoming the sixth generation Greenham in the meat industry.

The company currently operates abattoirs at Tongala Victoria and Smithton Tasmania.
Peter is responsible for the Tasmanian operations. Over recent years he has gained a reputation for building strong brands and raising the profi le of the state’s beef industry.

Early on he recognised the superb quality of Tasmanian grass fed beef and the opportunity to identify it with one of the world’s cleanest environments. The Company’s flagship Cape Grim brand has generated widespread publicity in both domestic and international markets, and attracted a strong following. It is commonly found on the menus of Australia’s leading restaurants.

Peter and his livestock buying team place great stress on the importance of building strong partnerships with their farmer suppliers. The Company and farmers work together to produce the best possible product and share the resulting rewards.

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Brett Compbell
Livestock Manager
JBS Swift


Brett’s role with Swift Australia is Livestock Manager-Beef, which he commenced in 2009. Prior to this Brett was Livestock Manager-Feedlots for 10 years. He has worked with Swift and previously AMH since 1998.

Swift Australia is a division of JBS, Brazil’s largest multinational in the food sector, and the world’s largest meat company. JBS, a family owned company, exports to more than 110 countries and attributes its worldwide success to ensuring that all its facilities and processes are fully compliant with the demanding international market.

Market flexibility is a must in our Australian climate and Brett Campbell will outline why improving your gross margin by targeting a wide range of markets and getting a premium, may be an option.

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Andrew Sutherland
Quality Ewe and Lamb Producers
Australia QELPA


QELPA is a group of professional lamb producers who utilise performance-based, composite sheep for profitable prime lamb production.

The group was brought together with the support of the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI), and the Meat and Wool Services Market Access and Competitiveness Program which comprises nine core enterprises, including one of the leading seed stock producers in CashmoreOaklea.

Performance meat sheep produced by QELPA members are based on CashmoreOaklea maternal genetics.

Selection is based on profi table performance drivers for prime lambs; primarily fertility and growth coupled with ‘easy care’ traits such as mothering ability and worm resistance.

QELPA is passionate about demonstrating the value of its sheep and providing a first class purchasing experience for customers, above and beyond regular sheep sale processes.

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Nick Sher
Managing Director
Beefcorp Australia


Australian Wagyu beef produced by the Sher family is the ultimate eating experience. Delicious, tender and juicy with superb fl avour. Sher Wagyu was awarded a Gold Medal in 2009 and 2010 at the Australian Produce awards, judged by Australia’s leading chefs.

Nick and Vicki Sher started breeding Wagyu in 1991 and established Beefcorp Australia in 1996 for contract beef production. They now export Sher Wagyu to 11 countries as well as establishing a strong following in Australia’s leading restaurants. Sher Wagyu beef is marketed as “Sher Black” in Japan.

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