Forum - State of the Nation No 11 Focus on Rural Australia

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Australia is changing.  We need to understand how and where we are heading.

An increasingly complex social environment constantly changes demand for products and services. Roy Morgan's extensive ongoing measurements look at the issues surrounding Society's habits, attitudes and demand for products and services across Society, Technology, Economy, Politics and Environmental trends.

The SPOTLIGHT ON RURAL AUSTRALIA report identifies issues facing the world and Australia; Demographics; Financial Position; Health; Attitudes and Values; Energy Costs; Technology; Media; Consumer Confidence; Unemployment; Business Confidence and Outlook; Politics.

From over half-a-million interviews conducted between July 1997 and May 2012, this Report gives you an unparalleled thirteen-year perspective on the changing trends of the Australian population, with a special focus on Rural Australia.


Michele Levine
CEO Roy Morgan Research


Michele is the CEO of Roy Morgan Research, Australia’s leading market research and public opinion polling company.

She has re-engineered Roy Morgan Research to achieve 100% growth in 4 years and the international expansion of the company into the USA, UK and Indonesia.

Michele’s presentation  will provide the latest Consumer and Business Confidence Ratings, Unemployment and Inflation expectations. She will also outline the State of the Nation Report including a focus on Rural Australia, revealing how challenges and issues affecting Country people diverge from those of us who live and work in Australia's major cities.

View Michele Levine's State of the Nation 2012 Focus on Rural Australia presentation (270 KB) 

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