Forum - Discovering Success in Agribusiness

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The CSA (Centre for the Study of Agribusiness) will be hosting the following forum

What Discovering Success in Agribusiness 
When Wednesday 10th May at 9.00am
Where Ivo Dean Centre, Marcus Oldham
RSVP  Friday 5th May 2017 to or
ph: 03 5243 3533

For further information please download the flyer below:

  Read the Flyer - Discovering Success in Agribusiness Forum Read the Flyer - Discovering Success in Agribusiness Forum  (2118 KB)

Scott Jenkin

Manager Internal Appraisals, Rabobank
1997 Farm Management Graduate

For as long as Scott can remember, he has always wanted to work in the farming sector and his time at Marcus Oldham certainly opened a world of opportunities. After graduating, Scott spent two years on the family owned beef and lamb property in Lower SE of South Australia. Before settling down, he planned to take a one year round-the-world working holiday and now, nearly 15 years later he still hasn’t got back there!

James Mann

Managing Director, Donovans Dairying Pty Ltd
1987 Associate Diploma in Farm Management

James grew up on a mixed English farm and came to Australia in 1982 and then graduated in 1987 from Marcus Oldham Collage after studying Farm Management. James had an interest in livestock, not particularly dairy, but Marcus Oldham College concentrated on case studies, cash flows and ‘Cash is King’, of which dairying fulfilled both of those needs. Industry.

Muppi Dean

Owner, Gin Gin & Dry
2000 Farm Management Graduate

Muppi Dean came from a German family with a horticultural farm in Gympie. Being made to work hard from a young age, it was a pleasant relief to follow in her brother’s footsteps and study at Marcus Oldham College where her biggest gain was husband and business partner Cameron.

Simon Heuzenroeder

Director, Mildura Insurance P/L
1995 Agribusiness Graduate

As an only son, Simon had the option of being the fourth generation on their family station South of Broken Hill. During the wool floor price collapse of the late 1980s this option didn’t sound very attractive for a teenager. Knowing he still wanted to be involved somehow with agriculture, Simon commenced the Agribusiness Administration course at Marcus Oldham, which was the perfect solution to obtain skills in marketing, accounting and IT for what lay ahead.