DISCUSS : Contemporary dairy farming


Apart from their occupation being so closely associated with their lifestyles, farmers have to be technically able and astute business men and women. This raises a few issues such as:

  • work life balance;
  • the relationship between lifestyle and business decisions;
  • the distinction between business thinking and technical thinking;
  • the need to integrate both business and technical thinking into their farm decisions.

This study explores a number of these issues with successful dairy operators who are leaders in their industry and who have high levels of education.  In particular the study investigates the perceptions of a group of well-educated successful farmers about their skills as technicians and as business decision makers, as well as how they resolve the work-life balance that attends living in the place of work.

Download and read Contemporary Dairy Farming by Peter Smith & Sam Inglis - Series# 13/02 (642 KB)




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