DISCUSS : Where Animal Welfare Meets Profit


The ongoing focus on live animal exports and the Four Corners report last year on the slaughter of Australian cattle in Indonesian abattoirs as well as the more recent footage of sheep being slaughtered in the Middle East has made animal welfare a hot topic for the broad Australian community but for livestock producers especially.

For most producers, concern for animal welfare might be seen as a preserve of the animal liberationists, pop stars and city folk who don’t know what really happens on a farm. But it’s time to stop and think again. Caring about animal welfare can actually be good for the producer and good for business. Animal welfare is all about the mental and physical well-being of animals. Good management and good welfare are well aligned and there are many ways this can help the bottom line.

Download and read Where Animal Welfare Meets Profit by Sarah Chaplin – Series# 13/01 (584 KB)




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