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In Trent’s view, agriculture faces headwinds in its capacity to continue to provide productivity improvement due to the activities of third parties who have no on-farm involvement in agriculture nor any detailed knowledge necessarily. Politicians, food marketers, and other lobby groups make policies, and make claims about agriculture that are not necessarily correct and that reduce the capacity of our industry to provide the food the world needs.

If we are to counter those well organized, high profile, educated and well-resourced groups we need to:

  • Become much more successful advocates for our industry and counter negative views whenever we can;
  • Identify, celebrate, and support leaders who understand our industry and its consumers and who can help to close the gap between food producers and food consumers;
  • Use our advocacy and our leaders to ensure the story of agriculture as essential to life, sustainable, respectful to animals, and highly productive is spread widely and counters arguments made by other groups not well disposed towards our industry.


Download and read Agricultural Advocacy by Trent Loos - Series# 14/03 (638 KB)



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