Geoff Lucas Industry Leaders Mentoring Program

Marcus Oldham conducts an Industry Leaders’ Mentoring Program supported by The Lucas Group Pty Ltd – a South Australia based, agricultural recruitment, marketing, training and consulting company headed by Marcus Oldham graduate, Geoff Lucas.  Also supporting the Program is, which acts as a virtual conduit between career seekers, employers and agribusiness recruitment agencies.

The  Industry Leaders’ Mentoring Program enables Marcus Oldham to invite guest speakers to share with our students, their invaluable insight and experience from their industry and career.  Recent speaker, Marcus Elgin, Executive Chairman, Australian Agribusiness Group, endorsed the Program by saying, ”I can think of few better ways to encourage students to seriously think about what their careers might involve, than to get someone from the ‘real world’ to speak to the students about employment and their career.  Getting a job is a reality of life, and I feel it is important that students have a chance to listen and then question a range of industry participants on matters of detail.”


 Year Date  Guest Speaker
2010 25th March Robert Champion de Crespigny
2009  22nd July
20th July
13th May
Marcus Elgin
Jeff Kennett
Jim Riordan
2008  7th Nov
1st May
Peter Stephens
Dugald Higgens 
2007  27 April Geoff Lucas