What Parents Say...

"We believe the education that the three Marcus Oldham graduates in our family have received has been invaluable on obtaining the skills required to commence their careers and to continue to set and achieve their goals.

Marcus Oldham challenged them to look upon agriculture, not so much as 'a way of life', but as a business.  Each of them was encouraged to look outside the traditions of farming to a great diversity of careers available to them.  There was particular emphasis on cash flow management and accountability and this enabled them to obtain confidence that has engendered a professional approach to their vision and their strategies.  Whilst there was acknowledgement given to the cyclical nature of agriculture, they were given the skills to source knowledge and means of overcoming the difficulties encountered.

Balancing all of this, there was engendered an underlying sense of the worth of rural based industries to the Australian economy.  Marcus Oldham also created a great bond, a loyalty among its graduates, a belief in the worth of their work and ideas and an invaluable and far-reaching network.

We wish all at Marcus Oldham the very best in this next fundraising campaign, "Building for Excellence."

Robert and Elizabeth Riordan

James Riordan  (FM93)   Grain haulage business
Paul Riordan     (FM95)   Large scale olive producer
Louise Riordan  (AA94)   formerly Victorian Racing Club