TLR505 - Thought Leadership through Inquiry - Project Investigation


The unit follows on from TLR504 and is delivered over 12 weeks to allow the student sufficient time to work on their research project. The aims of the unit are to;

1. Assist you in carrying out primary research in your chosen area of thought leadership.

2. Provide you with the necessary tools and understanding that will enable you to carry out the research and analyse the evidence that will come to underpin your claim to thought leadership in your area of interest.

The unit focuses on an investigation that will be conducted by you as the assessment in the unit. It is the processes and the outcomes of that investigation that will strategically develop your thought leadership skills.

The unit also develops skills of dissemination of research outcomes to enable you to leverage your knowledge to thought leadership

Learning outcomes:

The assessment is designed to achieve the unit objectives such that, on completion of the unit, you will have:

• Developed your research and analysis skills to collect and analyse primary research data.

• Written a thorough report on your research findings, including analysis of how your work fits within the wider body of knowledge in your chosen area of thought leadership.

• Demonstrated the ability to communicate your research findings in both written and verbal channels to a variety of audiences.

• Delivered a written report that meets post graduate scholarly standards


1. Research presentation (30%)

2. Final Report - 5000 words (70%)