TLR504A - Thought Leadership through Research - Proposal Development

This unit offers a 1 day workshop on campus

Dates: TBC


This unit is delivered over 12 weeks to allow the student sufficient time to work on their research project. The aims of this unit are to; 

1. Assist you to identify an area of your work where you would like to become a thought leader

2. Provide you with the necessary tools and understanding that will enable you to research and analyse the evidence that will come to underpin your claim to thought leadership in your area of interest. .

Thought leadership is achieved through the systematic development of ideas, expertise and knowledge, and the effective communication of those ideas and knowledge to others.

The Unit takes the view that these achievements are most importantly the result of research in its various forms.

The unit should generally be taken towards the end of your Master’s program because it will draw on content that you have learned from other units in the course as well as drawing on your work experience.

The unit will also offer a one day workshop at the beginning of the unit with the option of attending a Rural Leadership dinner. 

Learning outcomes:

Your work in this Unit is framed by the assessment. The assessment is designed to achieve the Unit objectives such that, on completion of the Unit, you will have:

• Identified and developed an area of thought leadership that you wish to pursue;

• Developed the skills necessary to undertake the research activities that will develop and maintain your claims to thought leadership

• Understood the legislative environment in which research is performed in Australia


1. Ethics proposal (20%)
2. Research Plan incorporating a preliminary literature review and clearly defining your research question - 3000 words (50%) 
3. Presentation of the Research Proposal in video format for sharing with fellow students (partially peer assessed) (30%)