• What is strategic management?
  • What are the alternatives to strategic management?
  • The strategic management process – shaping and implementing
  • Organisation mission, goals and objectives
  • Analytical frameworks in strategic planning and management
  • External environment and industry level analysis
  • Resource analysis
  • Strategic options and evaluation
  • The integration of strategic management processes with operational aspects
  • Financial analysis, ratio analysis, strategic cost control
  • Strategic implementation
  • Strategy, structure and culture
  • Managing change, business ethics and social responsibility
  • Contemporary strategic issues

Learning outcomes:


  1. recognise and interpret the impact of the environment on an organisation.
  2. understand the use of critical case analysis in strategic management.
  3. identify the strategic options available to an organisation.
  4. compare and contrast the strategic direction of an organisation with its competitors.
  5. use analytical techniques to examine the strategic positioning of an organisation.
  6. evaluate the likely success of specific strategic options.


  1. use the critical case analysis method and apply it effectively.
  2. determine appropriate strategies given prevailing internal and external conditions.
  3. identify organisational cultural aspects and their impact.
  4. determine appropriate organisational direction, goals and objectives and mission statement.
  5. determine appropriate strategies, given the outcomes of strategic analysis.
  6. communicate the outcomes from the analysis in the form of a business plan


  1. Strategic Analysis and Options Assignment, 3000 words (40%)
  2. Strategic Business Plan Assignment, 5000 words (60%)