Case Studies in Global Agribusiness


The purpose of this unit is to consolidate key learnings from the units completed in the course and to apply them to an Agricultural supply chain. The students will need to connect with a chosen industry and collaborate with them on a supply chain issue/opportunity to then develop a business case study. The students will be connected with access to key stake holders in the supply chain and the issues that are being faced by these industries within the market. The students will be required to independently collect, interpret and analyse the information provided to build up their case study review. The students will be encouraged to apply ‘blue sky’ thinking to the problem/opportunity and then develop the required road map to implementing their solutions. This road map must draw on 4-5 key learnings from other postgraduate units and cover off on the required financial, human resource, marketing, risk, ethics and triple bottom line consideration where applicable.

The unit will draw on research and business minded skills and will involve a compulsory 2-3 day work shop based in Geelong/Melbourne where participants will be provided with exposure to key industry stake holders and other leaders in Australia agriculture.

Learning outcomes: