This unit examines leadership in all its forms and sets out a series of skills, attitudes, attributes and personal qualities which are required for effective leadership. The unit combines the theory behind aspects of leadership with the development of an understanding of self and others. It also includes practical tools for effective communication and negotiation.

In addition to the online learning component, there is a compulsory 5-day workshop in week1. Over the course of the workshop you will develop your leadership, communication and planning skills. During the workshop numerous formal dinners provide an opportunity to hear and debate the views of keynote speakers on a range of issues, which have relevance for rural and regional Australia. The dinners offer the opportunity to access these speakers and their views - an opportunity which may not be available in a regional or rural community.

Through personal involvement and group participation you will gain an increased understanding of your own strengths and development needs as well as having the opportunity to network with keynote speakers from a range of rural and community organisations from across Australia. The residential program is designed to connect you with prominent community and industry leaders to maximise your learning experience. Training sessions include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Developing action plans
  • Leadership and team building
  • Community leadership
  • Learning and communication including
  • public speaking and working with the media
  • Understanding self and others
  • Negotiation

Learning outcomes:

The unit extends the student’s ability to;

  • Compare the models of leadership and discuss the roles of effective leaders and managers.
  • Identify and explain the learning styles and decision making tools that are required to understand how people and organisations function.
  • Analyse your leadership experiences using different approaches.
Apply leadership skills in an organisational setting and reflect on your experiences and/or decisions.


Assessment 1

Assessment 2

Reflective Journal