This course focuses on the application of contemporary marketing theory and practice to agribusiness products and services.  It can be applied to all stages of the agribusiness value chain including; input suppliers of finance, fertilisers, seeds and farm machinery; primary producers of food and fibre; food processors and food retailers.

The course uses the market planning process as an integrating feature of learning and the major assignment is the production of a detailed marketing plan for an agribusiness product or service.

The course has five main sections:

  • The marketing concept
  • The marketing management process
  • Analysis for marketing decisions
  • Strategy and planning for marketing decisions
  • Implementing marketing strategy

Learning outcomes:

  1. Develop competence in the application of analytical concepts and techniques relevant for marketing decision making with an emphasis on creating, capturing and sustaining customer value.
  2. Acquire a working understanding of the important concepts, processes and managerial frameworks of marketing
  3. Develop insight into the importance of the marketing concept in the strategic direction of modern organisations.


  1. Marketing Foundations assignment – 2500 words (35%)
  2. Marketing Strategy assignment - 4000 words (65%)