Marcus Oldham College is Australia's leading rural business management college with a reputation for providing quality education.  The College has many sponsors who generously donate scholarship funds that financially assist students with their studies.

Below is a list of the scholarships awarded, together with recipient/s for the year 2013:


Chris Turnbull

Yiddinga Farm Management

I chose the Agribusiness program because of the way it is structured as it provides several options to finish my studies. You can learn a lot at Marcus just by talking with other students. The scholarship I received is very valuable and helped me to attend Marcus. 

Lachlan Kelly

MPH Agriculture Werribee

I chose the Agribusiness Course because of its strong focus on business. The Course is very flexible with various exit points with the prac placement and tours being invaluable features. Marcus has a relaxed atmosphere, quality accommodation and there are endless opportunities for meeting new people with similar interests from all over Australia. 

Andrew Powne

Warakirri Agricultural Trusts

My advice to anyone thinking about coming to Marcus is: if the agricultural industry is where your interests lie then Marcus is where you need to be. The connections you make and the grounding and exposure you receive at Marcus is worth every penny spent. 

Courteney Moffat

E.C. Webb Trust

I believe a tertiary education gives a person the confidence and evidence to back up their decisions. Marcus is small and everything is at a comfortable level and easy level with not too much stress. I really wasn’t sure about where I wanted to go before coming to Marcus. Now I am determined to get as much out of the course as I can. 

Alexandra Purcell

E.C. Webb Trust

I enjoy the finance, investment and market subjects, and also have a strong connection and love for agriculture. Marcus Oldham has given me opportunities that I could never have had anywhere else. I am very glad that I have been able to become part of the Marcus Oldham Community. 

Caitlin Chester

Helen Macpherson Smith Trust Women in Agriculture

I like the fact that all the staff are exceptionally helpful and friendly. Everyone is like-minded and get along well. I am finding that the skills being learnt are what we need to run a successful business and all the examples are real life examples. The tours we go on help to consolidate what we learn in the classroom. 

Alexandra Webster

Proadvice and Clients

I always wanted to learn more about the cogs behind large scale enterprises and knew the Marcus Agribusiness course was right for me. The opportunities that you gain at Marcus you won’t get anywhere else. From the overseas tours to the forums, you are exposed to the very best. 

Lachlan Barclay

Dr Alastair Mackenzie

I like the diversity of the Course and not learning the same sort of material day in and day out. If you are passionate about agriculture there is no better Institution to further your education than Marcus Oldham. 

Jack Webster

Australian Farm Management

A tertiary education is important for the betterment of our industries. The thing I really like about Marcus is the friendly ethos between all people and the great contacts you make. 

Toby Newsome

Khancoban Station

The reason I chose the Marcus Oldham course is to gain a better understanding of all aspects of managing a farm so that I will be prepared one day to run my own farm. 

James Head

Ingleby Farm Management

A tertiary education is important to learn business management theory in order to efficiently run a business. Marcus Oldham is a great experience and learning curve combined with joining a great community. 

Alec Pengilley

Ingleby Farm Management

For anyone thinking about coming to Marcus I would like to say that people with a Marcus education are highly sought after by many large companies due to its good reputation. You can have a great time doing the course whilst meeting a few interesting characters along the way. 

Callum Kinnear

E.C. Webb Trust

A tertiary qualification is important as it gives you a broader range of options to pursue in your future career. It makes you more employable. I plan to be a farm manager and I enjoy the agronomy and animal production studies. 

Robert Binks

E.C. Webb Trust

Agriculture is an ever changing industry in things such as production constraints, along with business and human resource management. I believe that, in order to manage a busines of my own, the skills I am learning in the Marcus course will be critical to my success in the future. 

Luke Melisi

Massey Ferguson - Agco

I enjoy studying crop and livestock production systems and also accounting. Having a tertiary qualification puts you ahead of other people in the industry. If you want to be the best, Marcus is where you will get the best education. 

Georgia Munro

Hazeldean Livestock Production

Marcus is a leading agricultural Institution with a high focus on students and their performance. They ensure that we get the best possible education whilst at the same time having a lot of fun. 

Chris Sondhu

Nareen Station

I like the atmosphere at Marcus with the lecturers being easy to understand and relate to. We are learning about advancements and new technologies that a modern-day farm requires to succeed. 

Alex Keynes

Susanne Collins Angas Bursary

I find the exposure to industry leaders and interesting speakers beneficial aspects of the course. I would recommend people who are thinking about coming to Marcus to do it, as it is a fantastic course mixed with great social life and with some very switched-on lecturers. 

Jillian Witherow

Merlyn Myer Scholarship for Women in Agriculture

I believe that a tertiary qualification is important in today’s corporate agricultural environment in order to be ahead of the game. I would encourage anyone looking for a business related course and a career in agriculture to come to Marcus. You won’t find a better place than Marcus to equip you with the skills you need. 

Andrew Fisher

Bill Ruse Memorial

A qualification is an asset that I can fall back on in times of need and a Business degree opens so many doors for future employment. Everything we learn is relevant and interesting and I enjoy studying financial management, agricultural production systems, marketing and the industry tours. 

James Hillcoat

Yulgilbar Travel Award

There are many opportunities in agriculture that make me want to pursue a career within it. I was aware of Marcus Oldham when working in England with some Marcus students. I chose Marcus for its diversity and it appealed to my nature with study tours and prac placements making the study process more practical by building on skills learnt in the workforce. 

George Levy

Nick Petersen Memorial

Studying business analysis and looking at what drives production systems are favourite subjects for me. The thing I like about life at Marcus Oldham is meeting people who are running different enterprises, from all over the counry. 

Isabelle Whatley
Equine Management 

Australian Equestrian

The thing I like about Marcus Oldham is being able to have your horse on campus, along with the facilities. It is a great environment and everyone here is passionate about their respective industries. I find the marketing and business aspects very beneficial as well as the practical tuition. 

Katherine Reed
Equine Management 

Australian Thoroughbred

Marcus provides some amazing opportunities, not only through the recognition given to graduates around the world but also through the contacts you make as a student. There is a very good balance between the practical and academic components of the course with the tours being a fantastic chance for us to have a look at different equine businesses. 

Ashlee Finch
Equine Management 

Australian Stud Book

The aspects of the Equine Management Course I find most beneficial are the practical aspects such as track work at the Geelong Racecourse along with the breaking-in and handling of yearlings and weanlings. 

Melissa Gillis
Equine Management 

Australian Stud Book - Equine Husbandry

The advice I would give someone thinking of coming to Marcus Oldham is: just do it. Marcus is highly regarded by industry and the contacts you make are invaluable. 

Sheree Gotts
Equine Management 

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia

The thing I really like about Marcus Oldham is that there is always someone here to help you, whether it is the lecturing staff or fellow students and friends. 

Catherine Angus
Equine Management 

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia

Horses are a passion of mine and if you are determined to make a career in the equine industry, Marcus Oldham will give you that opportunity and help you get there. 

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