Scholarship Holders 2012

Marcus Oldham College is Australia's leading rural business management college with a reputation for providing quality education.  The College has many sponsors who generously donate scholarship funds that financially assist students with their studies.

Below is a list of the scholarships awarded, together with recipient/s:

 Virbac Animal Health
Equine Management 

Abbie O'Brien
Horse Management

'In the equine industry a
tertiary qualification sets
you apart and gives a
greater knowledge of
business management
and practical aspects
of horses.  I enjoy the
social life and mixing with
like-minded people who
are as keen as I am to work
in the horse industry'

E.C. Webb

Alexandra Purcell

'I enjoy being with horses
and cattle but I also enjoy
crunching numbers and the
financial side of business
so the course has a perfect
balance of both interests.
Everyone at Marcus is so
close; whether you're a
First Year or a Third Year
or even a lecturer,
everyone is approachable
and easy to get along

Agricultural Trusts

 Alexandra Webster

'Everything.  I advise coming
to Marcus.  you will not
regret for a second
your decision'

Farm Management 

 Anna Cotton
Farm Management

'Life at Marcus is great.
I like the way the course is
structured.  It gives me a
wide variety of knowledge
in all aspects of

and Clients

  Ben Skerman

'The course is structured
very effectively and by
the end of the first year
I realised that everything
was coming together.
Continuing into second
year has allowed me to
further develop and
refine previous


 Bradley Taggert
Farm Management

'The Farm Management
course is an opportunity
to study agriculture as well
as business management
and I like the social
networking and meeting
people from all across
the country.'

Liverpool Plains

 Chris Bayles
Farm Management

Come to Marcus if you are
really passionate about
agriculture and wanting
to be a leader in industry.
Lectures are fun and
nothing like school.'

Hazeldean Livestock

 Harry Kelly

'A tertiary qualification will
give me a broader
knowledge and open up
career opportunities. I
like the people and
connections at Marcus, as
well as the good balance
between work and play.'

 Australian Stud Book
Equine Husbandry

Henry Cowen
Horse Management

'Marcus is very different
to a larger university.  It has
a lot more one-on-one
learning with tutors and
lecturers.  I recommend
anyone wanting a good
tertiary qualification for
a career in the horse
industry to come to

Farm Management

James Higgins
Farm Management

'The whole course is very
beneficial, I like the way it is
structured, and it's great
meeting people from around
Australia that share similar

E.C. Webb

Jessica Green

'Smaller classes mean
more one-on-one time
with lecturers.
Everyone, generally, has
agricultural interests
and it’s a friendly
place. The study tours
are always worthwhile
and the Marcus
overseas tours offer
opportunities we would
otherwise not have.'


 Nick Petersen

Ed Mercer
Farm Management

'I think it is a great place
to learn and meet new
people.  You come out
of the course with a clear
understanding of farming
and agribusiness and it's
good learning more of what
happens past the farm


E.C. Webb 

 Lesley Thomkinson
Farm Management

'I'm learning a wide range
of important management
skills.  Everyone has similar
interests and things in
common and are there to
help with anything if
needed.  Also, the staff
are friendly and willing to

Helen Macpherson Smith
Trust for Women
in Agriculture

Mattie Crouch



Nick McNamara
Farm Management

'It is a great opportunity
to meet new people from
around Australia and work
with some fantastic
lecturers and travel the
world on some fantastic

Commonwealth Bank
Agribusiness - Farm
Business Management

Patrick Taylor
Farm Management

'If you want to get ahead in
industry, Marcus is the best
place to start.  As well as
a good time socially,
the knowledge you get is


  Rhys Curr
Farm Management

'Everyone gets along with
no separation between the
different courses.  Marcus
is extremely welcoming
and the lecturers are very
keen on agriculture and
they give us the best
opportunity for the

MPH Agriculture

Robert Ingram

'All the teaching staff are
more than willing to go
over things if you don't
understand.  I don't think
you get that from another

Merlyn Myer
Scholarship for Women
in Agriculture

 Rosie McClymont (bio... )
Farm Management

'The Farm Management
course has a wide variety
of subjects ranging from
agronomy to accounting
to marketing and the
industry placement year
is a wonderful idea.  I also
like the networking
opportunities we have
with some key industry


 Ryan McNulty
Horse Management

'I came to Marcus to gain
a qualification to assist
my career in the equine
industry.  Marcus has a
great atmosphere and

Bill Ruse

Stuart Tait (bio... )
Farm Management

'The course is well
structured and brings
together all the different
skills needed to run a
successful farming business
in today's world.  i like the
small community where
everyone has a common

Dr Alastair

 Tom Upton
Farm Management

'Marcus is teaching us skills
that are up to date and
relevant to our industry.
You will learn great skills
and leave with a
qualification that has a lot
of weight within the

Massey Ferguson
- Agco

William Corlis

'What I like most about
Marcus is the people.
They all have a passion for
agriculture and are here
to learn.  I also love the
wide mix of people with
farming backgrounds
from all over Australia
and the world.'

Australian Farm

William Gibson
Farm Management

'Its good reputation and
I'm enjoying the farm
production side, learning
about soils, fertilisers,
chemicals as well as the
animal production units.'



Travel Award

Zac Kenman


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