Information for International Students

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There is a wide variety of opportunities for international students studying at Marcus Oldham. Many graduates of Marcus Oldham live and work internationally while many other graduates are resident in Australia but have strong international business links. 

When studying at Marcus, students are exposed to many different opportunities and equipped with the skills to seek out and develop new opportunities for themselves.

At Marcus Oldham, we find international students not only gain new insights into their individual potential but they also allow other students to see different opportunities and perspectives.

International students are encouraged to live on-campus as are the majority of all students. The close bonds of friendship and camaraderie that develop over the study year are highlights of many student’s experiences.

The campus is based on the outskirts of Geelong, Victoria’s largest provincial city which has many features and benefits. See StudyGeelong for more information on studying in Geelong.

As all students at Marcus Oldham are full fee paying students, there is very little difference in the price of domestic study and international study at Marcus Oldham. The following programs are registered to receive students studying on Australian Government Student Visas.

Equine Program

Diploma of Equine Management (1 year) CRICOS Course Code 062230F

The Equine program is an intense one year program covering aspects of equestrian, riding, racing and breeding. The course is designed for people interested in a career or business within the equine industries. Apart from Australia and New Zealand, graduates are also working in equine related activities in Dubai, Hong Kong, USA, England, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius and India.

Agriculture Program

Advanced Diploma of Farm Business Management (3 years) CRICOS Course Code 067448C

Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) (4 years) CRICOS Course Code 067447D

The Agriculture program is a comprehensive business management program designed for the student who wants to work in, manage or run their own farm production operation. Using a complex systems approach, the agriculture student is exposed to many different farming systems and businesses both throughout Australia and overseas, experiencing different soils, climate and geographical features and over a wide variety of enterprises from intensive crop and animal systems such as orchards or chickens through to extensive farming systems such as rangeland grazing or cropping.

Agribusiness Program

Diploma of Agribusiness (1 year) CRICOS Course Code 088177C

Associate Degree in Agribusiness (2 years) CRICOS Course Code 088178B

Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) (3 years) CRICOS Course Code 088179A

The Agribusiness program delivers business management education in the specific area of Agribusiness. Agribusiness is a term used to describe the different business activities that deal with the every aspect of the market value chain in the food, natural fibre and pharmaceuticals industries. In contrast to the Agriculture program that deals with the production system, the Agribusiness program deals with agricultural inputs and outputs, both pre and post farm gate.

Entry Criteria

All applicants, including international applicants, are required to meet the entry criteria before being accepted to study at Marcus Oldham.

Applicants must demonstrate they have the academic standing to enter the program. For the undergraduate programs listed below, the requirement is the equivalent of completing year 12 within the Australian education system with English Language and Mathematics as prerequisite subjects. Some emphasis will be placed on the individual’s university entrance ranking achieved at the year 12 level.

Applicants must have demonstrated a minimum of twelve months, post secondary school, relevant industry experience. To be relevant, the industry experience must be on a farm property, agribusiness or horse business, at a place other than their own family’s business and be of sufficient size and complexity to offer the level of experience sought. If the experience is deemed insufficient, applicants will be advised to complete at least a further twelve months at a more suitable business.

Applicants must be able to meet both the written and spoken English language proficiency requirements of the College and be able to demonstrate at least equivalent to an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 5.5 or a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 520 or equivalent English language skills as part of the Australian Government Student Visa requirements.

In addition to the above criteria, all applicants will be assessed during an interview before being offered an enrolment place.

To download the International Application Form, please click the link below:

  Download the International Application Form Download the International Application Form  (276 KB)