Graduate Testimonials

What Marcus Means to Graduates

Georgie Thomson (2010 Agribusiness)

"Marcus Oldham is different to other educational institutions because it is focused on and determined that graduates are sought after in the agricultural industry. Marcus is a place where people from a diverse range of backgrounds and skills flourish. Marcus challenges you to identify your strengths, acknowledge and confront your weaknesses and open your eyes to the endless possibilities out there. Marcus and in particular the lecturers, guest lecturers, and people we met on the domestic and international tours allowed me to believe that if you dare to dream and work hard then anything is possible and you will love what you do. Marcus is truly one big family where people who all share the same interest learn off dedicated lecturers and each other and form close friendships that will last a life time.


During my first year practical placement at a paddock to plate business, I developed a strong interest for the concept and learnt that not everyone in our region had access to the same fresh quality produce that I had grown up on. After that moment I went about focusing entirely on the lamb industry and completed nearly every assignment on lamb and other relevant issues with the plan that one day I too would have my own paddock to plate lamb business. Marcus provides a platform to be able to focus on your particular interest, while at the same time exposes you to different enterprises and ideals. Together with my brother and his wife that plan came to fruition in July 2012 and Barwon Lamb was born. Marcus gave me the skills required to contemplate and establish our business. I can guarantee if I had not enrolled at Marcus I would not be doing what I'm doing now. "

Marcus Griffin (1991 Farm Management)

"Marcus Oldham provided the best platform from which to launch my career in the horticultural industry.  Complimenting practical experience with knowledge based management skills applicable for an array of rural industries and professions, within a challenging learning environment and an excellent team atmosphere is truly unique.  Marcus Oldham provides its graduates with a distinct competitive advantage and a clear point of difference - professionalism."

Simone Poonawalla (1997 Horse Business Management)

"My time at Marcus Oldham was one of the most important years of my life.  My family has been involved in thoroughbred breeding in India since 1946, so I suppose my interest and passion for horses was a natural progression.  Having said that, traditional lore, where knowledge and techniques are passed through generations is no longer enough.  After investigating a range of equine colleges around the world, I chose Marcus Oldham's Horse Business Management course because it offered such an in depth program, both academically and practically.  The combination of personal attention and lectures delivered by respected industry leaders not only encouraged personal confidence but also opportunity.  I will be forever grateful for my Marcus experience which has allowed me to work and travel the globe."

Andrew King (1976 Farm Management)

Manager Romani Pastoral NSW.

"I am managing a large multi-enterprise farming system which operates at the cutting edge of technology.  The nature of the Farm Management course at Marcus Oldham enabled me to graduate with mixed learned theories relevant to the real business world.  The practical year out was an important aspect of the course and this combination of learning enabled me to develop successful systems of management for both on and off the farm.  I am proud of the continued relationship I have with Marcus Oldham.  I see many young faces move into agriculture and the students of Marcus Oldham are first class.  I feel very passionate about the continued pursuit for excellence that Marcus Oldham strives for.”