Computer Centre

The Marcus Oldham College Computer Centre consists of 36 machines, available 24 hours a day. Fitted with heating and air-conditioning and comfortable furniture, the computer room is well set up for interactive lectures during the day, and for quiet individual study after hours.

The machines in the computer room consist of:

•    LCD (flat screen) Monitors
•    Multiple USB Ports
•    CD/DVD Writers
•    Windows 7 Professional
•    Office 2010 Professional

Other features include:

•    Laser Printer (accessible from student rooms)
•    Personal Network Storage
•    Shared Network Storage
•    Mobile Whiteboard
•    Data Projector



Marcus Oldham use Microsoft Windows Servers to provide File, Print, Email and Web services.

Network access is provided to all students in their rooms through a wired or wireless ethernet. Fast Internet is provided for use in student rooms free of charge, but is subject to fair use policies.

Anti-virus software is licensed to all student computers while living on campus.


Marcus Oldham College reflects best industry practice, using Microsoft Windows together with Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher).

A range of agricultural, accounting and equine software is available for students including:

•    PAM QA Plus
•    Agrimaster
•    Phoenix
•    Quicken
•    MYOB
•    Grazfeed
•    Tesiopower
•    Microsteed / GroTrac