Compare Agriculture & Agribusiness

There are two distinct programs for those interested in studying at Marcus Oldham for a future in Agriculture.

Agriculture Or Agribusiness

Common Strengths of both programs…

  • Agriculture Business management skills – to enable you to manage people, finance, information technology, markets, farm production.
  • Fantastic local and international tours – to see world’s best Agricultural production and management skills in action.
  • Finance, Tax and Production Profit management
  • Agricultural Business performance analysis
  • Production Management Skills
  • Classes taught by lecturers that care for Australian Agriculture
  • Classes that use real world Agriculture problems when teaching fundamental skills
  • Paths to Degree Level

Key differences….


Agribusiness Program

Agriculture Program

Duration (Full Time)

1 year    (Diploma)
2 years (Associate Degree)
3 years (Bachelor Degree)

3 years (Advanced Diploma)
(includes 1 year prac experience)
3.5 years (Bachelor Degree)

Practical Experience

Both courses have an excellent Practical Experience component…

  • Agriculture – the entire 2nd year, to allow you to experience a complete production or business year
  • Agribusiness – at least 4 weeks at each year level.

Academic Differences

Both Agriculture & Agribusiness have a strong Business Management, Accounting  & Production management focus

More Extensive Accounting, Finance & Analysis skills

More Extensive Production Management & Agricultural Engineering skills.

Intended outcomes

Equip a student for life in Agribusiness management roles beyond the farm gate

Equip a student for life in Agricultural management roles on farm

Actual outcomes

Both courses have had graduates gain quality jobs in each other’s fields. 

“Typical” student

In either course, most students are predominately from family farms across Australia.

After graduating from Marcus Oldham, many students intend to work for some years then return home. Most seek experience in jobs away from home.

Although Agribusiness is aimed at jobs beyond the farm gate, some Agribusiness students have gained farm manager jobs.

In addition, some Agriculture graduates have gained jobs in Rural banking or as Farm Consultants.

Both courses equip students for a variety of roles.

Either way – you are assured a quality Marcus Oldham educational experience. Students from both courses share a common interest – the future of Australian Farming.

How to choose?

The key points of difference are:

  • Exit points – how long do you intend to study? – only Agribusiness offers a qualification in the 1st year.
  • Practical Experience – only Agriculture has the “One full year” practical placement.
  • What do you like learning the most?
    • Agronomy? Farm Engineering? Advanced production management? – then Agriculture lectures will probably be of more interest to you.
    • Advanced Financial Management, Business Analysis processes and tools, greater understanding of the Value Chain  – then Agribusiness lectures will probably be of more interest to you.

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