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In a world of increasing globalisation and increasing fundamental issues facing food and fibre security, people with agribusiness skills are in high demand. Agribusiness is the term given to industries dealing with the inputs and outputs of agricultural production and services. It includes all business activities involved in the production, processing and distribution of food and fibre products.

Successful Agribusiness managers are those who set clear objectives, take time to plan, lead their people and manage priorities which change as the situation changes, and then evaluate how well their plan has worked to achieve their goals. At Marcus Oldham Agribusiness graduates will gain the required skills to deal with the factors facing Agribusiness into the future.

The continual rise in world demand for protein and energy means that future opportunities for graduates who are leading performers in agribusiness systems are highly sought after. Marcus Oldham graduates have been the most sought graduates of all sectors of the industry. Pre-entry experience requirements, close consultation with industry, business visits, a ten week practical placement, case studies and innovative tours ensure that students at Marcus Oldham are professionally prepared for the workforce.

The Degree, Associate Degree and Diploma courses in Agribusiness are available to both Australian and International applicants.

course structure

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Our Agribusiness program has been designed specifically for those driven towards management positions within businesses that deal with the products of primary production. Students will learn business management over a wide range of business sizes and structures with particular emphasis on agricultural and horticultural output with skills in the following key areas:

  • Business Management Systems
  • Agricultural Production & Sustainable Resource Systems
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Information Management
  • Accounting, Finance and Planning
  • Tax and Law

The Degree program, Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) consists of twenty four (24) units, each unit has equal weighting and students will be required to complete all 24 units prior to being eligible to graduate at the degree level. The Diploma of Agribusiness (1 year) and the Associate Degree in Agribusiness (2 years) are programs nested within the degree program.

The units are offered on the following basis:

The Diploma of Agribusiness – First Year (Full-time, on-campus)
This will give graduates:
  • Farm business administration business planning skills.
  • Ability to produce and understand farm financial reports.
  • Strong understanding of information technology and its uses in agriculture
Associate Degree of Agribusiness – Second Year (Full-time, on-campus)
This will give graduates:

  • Advanced agribusiness administration skills.
  • An understanding of the whole industry and its supply chains.
  • Greater depth of business planning and making decisions

Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) – Third Year (flexible delivery)
This will give graduates:
  • Ability to specialise in areas of interest.
  • Advanced business planning and its application.

Graduates of the Diploma of Agribusiness are eligible for admission to the second year of the Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness)

Graduates of the Associate Degree in Agribusiness are eligible for admission to the final year of the Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness)

For further details on what each unit covers see Course Units.

Both 1st year and 2nd years of the course curriculum are underpinned by two major study tours, the first each year taking in many parts of Victoria, New South Wales or South Australia and the second at the end of August often internationally. International tours have in the past been conducted to New Zealand, China, Indonesia, and Singapore and Malaysia.

Marcus Oldham’s program delivery offers a unique opportunity to gain the most from your study experience. Students are able to stay full time on campus. The collegiate environment provides an opportunity to draw upon the broad network of experiences and contacts to enhance the learning outcomes. The course is delivered using case studies, industry visits, practical demonstrations and experiential learning along with a strong systems thinking based curriculum.

career opportunities

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Graduates of the Agribusiness programs at Marcus Oldham are highly sought after and have enjoyed a great range of employment opportunities.

Graduates have developed businesses or careers in farm business management, operations managers, multinational agribusinesses, supply chain management and agribusiness co-operatives. The course content at Marcus Oldham provides good theoretical and practical content dealing with whole of business operations using a systems based approach and particular emphasis on product of primary production.

Graduates have developed careers as commodity traders, human resource specialists, international marketers, farm consultants, specialist production advisers, rural accountants, rural banking and finance. A number graduates have successfully started their own businesses in these areas and others have risen to senior positions within established operations. The Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) provides the graduate with an in depth understanding of the key profit drivers of agriculture related businesses and how to assist other businesses maximise their returns.

Graduates have built integrated business systems from the production activity through to processing, packaging and marketing, through to retail & wholesale selling systems. Success in these fields has been achieved by positively utilising business management, corporate decision making, market structures and industry knowledge learned at Marcus Oldham. Graduates have been successful in gaining high profile positions or starting their own businesses all over Australia and internationally.

comments from graduates:

Georgie Thomson, Agribusiness 2010
Barwon Lamb

"Marcus Oldham is different to other educational institutions because it is focused on and determined that graduates are sought after in the agricultural industry. Marcus is a place where people from a diverse range of backgrounds and skills flourish. Marcus challenges you to identify your strengths, acknowledge and confront your weaknesses and open your eyes to the endless possibilities out there. Marcus and in particular the lecturers, guest lecturers, and people we met on the domestic and international tours allowed me to believe that if you dare to dream and work hard then anything is possible and you will love what you do. Marcus is truly one big family where people who all share the same interest learn off dedicated lecturers and each other and form close friendships that will last a life time.

During my first year practical placement at a paddock to plate business, I developed a strong interest for the concept and learnt that not everyone in our region had access to the same fresh quality produce that I had grown up on. After that moment I went about focusing entirely on the lamb industry and completed nearly every assignment on lamb and other relevant issues with the plan that one day I too would have my own paddock to plate lamb business. Marcus provides a platform to be able to focus on your particular interest, while at the same time exposes you to different enterprises and ideals. Together with my brother and his wife that plan came to fruition in July 2012 and Barwon Lamb was born. Marcus gave me the skills required to contemplate and establish our business. I can guarantee if I had not enrolled at Marcus I would not be doing what I'm doing now. "


Ben McTaggart, Agribusiness 2006
Farmer, Dandaragan, WA

“My time at Marcus gave me a great opportunity to broaden my horizons into
different fields of agribusiness that I previously had very little exposure to.
The friendships and networks developed at Marcus are probably the major
strength of the course, and during my time as an agribusiness investment
analyst in Melbourne I was continually meeting Marcus graduates working in
a range of different fields. Since moving back to manage the family property
in Western Australia, the skills developed at Marcus have been invaluable
in allowing me to critically analyse the business and develop strategies to
maximise the efficiency of our operation.”


Prue Branagh, Agribusiness 2003
Agribusiness Manager, ANZ Agribusiness, Deniliquin, NSW

“Enrolling in the Diploma of Agribusiness at Marcus Oldham College was
one of the best decisions I have ever made. The course provided me with the
opportunity to draw on practical experience while developing valuable
agribusiness skills. Studying with a dynamic group of students representing
diverse agricultural sectors and geographic locations also broadened my
knowledge and outlook. During my time at Marcus Oldham, I established
a strong network of industry contacts and lifelong friends. The Diploma of
Agribusiness equipped me with the excellent knowledge and values for which
Marcus graduates are renowned.”


Rob McGavin, Graduate of Excellence 2000 1993
Executive Chairman Boundary Bend Limited, Australia’s largest vertically integrated olive company. 2007 Australian Agribusiness Exporter of the Year

“What really struck me about Marcus was the philosophy and culture of
the place and its students. The buzz of aspiration and purpose surrounding
Marcus Oldham rubs off on all who are lucky enough to attend. Marcus will
stimulate the apathetic and ensure the majority of students, by the time they
graduate, are focused and determined about their ambitions.”



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The first year of this course is currently available full time on campus only.

Applicants must have completed at least one complete year (preferably two years) after their secondary school education having achieved a standard of VCE or its equivalent

Marcus Oldham College maintains a flexible policy in relation to entrance criteria and judges each applicant on their individual merits. Ideally, applicants will:
  • be at least 18 years of age by day 1 of the academic year (generally the beginning of February)
  • have successfully completed secondary education (mature age applicants accepted on merit)
  • have completed at least 12 months in business post-secondary school preferably related to agribusiness.
  • have a strong desire to pursue a career in the agribusiness industries
All applicants are required to have a VCE or equivalent qualification. Applicants that have not completed VCE or equivalent will have to demonstrate significant post-secondary school experience.

The requirement for pre-entry experience is subjective based on the applicant’s circumstances. In some cases it will be acceptable for an applicant to have completed their pre-entry experience in a family business. The preferred situation is that all applicant’s have had significant exposure to agriculture, horticulture or other agribusiness

For direct entry into either the second or third year of the program, applicants will need to contact the Director of Agribusiness to discuss whether they are eligible for advanced standing. If advanced standing is to be granted for all or any part of a year of study, there may still be a requirement to satisfactorily complete either one or more selected course units or specifically designed bridging units.

Entry to the Agribusiness programs is currently only available to Australian applicants.


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To apply, complete and sign the following application form, print, sign and post to:

       Student Enquiries
       Marcus Oldham College
       Private Bag 116
       Geelong Mail Centre Vic 3216


scan the completed and signed application form and forward via email to


fax the completed and signed application form to Student Enquiries at Marcus Oldham College on 03 5244 1263 (Australian) or +61 3 5244 1263 (international)

Upon receipt of your application we will contact you to arrange an admission interview. The admission interview is often conducted on campus face to face or elsewhere by arrangement. If it is impractical to arrange a face to face interview, a telephone interview opportunity may be offered.

Successful applicants will be offered a place at the College which must be accepted and the requisite deposit paid before the position is confirmed.

Application Form - Agribusiness Program

  International Application for Admission to a Course (FORM-006A) International Application for Admission to a Course (FORM-006A)  (179 KB)

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