Success Stories - Sam Archer

Farm Management 1998

Sam’s CV includes a commerce degree, an Honours Degree majoring in Anthropology during which he studied Mongolia’s Pastoral Nomads; delivering economic development programs to Indigenous communities in Australia’s Kimberley and Great Sandy Desert regions; and assisting large Sydney corporations to restructure their businesses.

Currently managing the family’s property at Gundagai NSW with his wife Sabrina, they run a mixed farming system based on livestock, cereal production and native pastures. Their farm has been a research site for the CSIRO’s Sustainable Ecosystems program and the Australian National University’s Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies. In 2002 it was selected as a pilot site for the Australian Government’s national environmental stewardship program.

Awarded an Australian Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2008, Sam travelled throughout the Americas, Europe and India researching private sector funded environmental stewardship schemes broadly based around carbon, water and biodiversity.

Sam is developing a proposal for a national ‘environmental stock exchange’ (operating similar to a stock exchange) that will allow farmers to trade not just carbon credits, but credits for work they undertake to improve soil health, air and water quality, manage salinity and increase biodiversity.

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