Success Stories - Rob Yelland

Farm Management 1990

Managing the Ins and Outs of AI, semen sexing, stem cell technology, IVF, embryo transfer and more.

For the past nine years I have been involved in Animal Reproduction. Through this involvement, a business partner and I now own the IVP International Group. This is our Holding company for our subsidiary companies:  IVP International Aus, IVP International NZ, IVP International Small Ruminants, Media Invitro, IVP International Medivet and Stemvet NZ.

IVP International Aus and NZ service the reproductive needs of the cattle industries nationally and internationally. The main area serviced is embryo transfer, however we do supply pregnancy testing and large scale AI services. Our main form of embryo production is through the use of IVF technology. Our IVF production system is unique and is giving, arguably, the best results globally. We believe we were the first IVF laboratory globally to successfully export embryos and achieve pregnancy rates comparable to those achieved with conventional flushed embryos.

These embryos were exported to the Falkland Islands in 2002. We have since exported embryos to and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, China and Japan. We do however flush donors conventionally as well. We also have projects in the pipeline which will see us servicing contracts to the USA, Canada, more Asian and South American countries through 2010. We are currently working with clients in China and Brazil with the view to supplying and servicing laboratories for them. The IVP technology allows donors to be collected from once to twice a week, as well as being empty or up to five months pregnant.

IVP International Small Ruminants services the needs of our Australian and New Zealand sheep and goat clients. Our major contract has been producing Boar goats for live export to Malaysia as part of a contract for a Malaysian based company. The rest of our work is embryo production and semen collection for sheep and goats. We are looking at the opportunity to supply our IVF or IVP technology to the sheep and goats industries in the near future.

Media Invitro is our Research and Development Company. As part of our continued system development and commercialisation of these new technological advances, we have collaboration projects with a leading university in Australia, working with their human IVF group. We are also involved in semen sexing technology development with a university in New Zealand. Much of this work being done is in the area of media development. The culture media that we use to produce the embryos in, needs to mimic the donors own internal embryo production system.

Media Invitro is also developing a product range of consumables and laboratory equipment, along with our media that is specific to our laboratory and system needs.  This, we believe, will assist in making the IVP technology even more robust and the main form of embryo production in future. Our aim is to offer a fully integrated system and product range to the market place that can be sold to anyone looking to set up and operate IVP laboratories nationally or internationally.

IVP International Medivet and Stemvet NZ are distribution companies. IVP International Medivet has taken on the distribution role for southern Australia, as well as for the Armidale, Tamworth and Upper Hunter areas for a company supplying a new range of regenerative medicine. Stemvet NZ has the distribution rights to New Zealand for the same product range. The main products of this range are based on leading adult stem cell technologies and developments that have been born out of the global human stem cell research.  The product range being offered is based on the use of naturally obtained growth factors, peptides, selected proteins and signaling molecules that are derived from sheep placental extract.

This technology has been developed and trialed extensively in the human medical field with amazing results. It is based on the science of activating the body’s own dormant adult stem cells. This technology is now available to the animal world through IVP International Medivet.

By activating the body’s own stem cells you can assist with rapid regeneration, rejuvenation and repair of organs, damaged and injured muscles, tendons and bone, cartilage, nerve tissue, skin tissue and contains anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. All this aids in the overall wellbeing and performance of your animal.

It has been scientifically proven that dormant stem cells are more potent than active stem cells within the body. This extra potency, once activated, creates a boost in the immune system, which accelerates the repair to damaged internal organs, muscle tissue and wounds as well as the rejuvenation and regeneration of the body’s cells.

These products are being readily accepted in the racing industries and small animal fields, however, we believe there will be opportunities in the mainstream breeding industries in future. IVP International Medivet and Stemvet NZ are overseeing research projects with leading AI companies looking at improved fertility in bulls being collected, as well as longer term projects looking at female fertility and overall wellbeing. Other areas, like the animal health concerns within the feedlot industry, increasing calf health and performance in the dairy industry, and others are in the pipeline. Most of the Medivet range is available through a local Vet.

My time spent at Marcus Oldham and the opportunities that we had looking at the different businesses Marcus Oldham students had excelled in, along with the variety of visits we participated in, really opens your eyes to what opportunities are out there and gives you the confidence and ability to look at and analyze each opportunity on its merits.

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