Success Stories - Mark Wilson

Farm Business Management 1993

Good beef marketing will supply the growing population, according to Mark Wilson, owner and operator of Banana Station in one of Australia’s best cattle rearing regions - Central Queensland. With his wife Belinda and children Georgia, Layla and Walter, they manage the business which is an aggregation of four properties covering 62,000 hectares running 14,000 head of grass-fed beef cattle and providing a product that is natural and has flavour.

The Banana Station herd is comprised of commercial crossbred cattle, producing quality grass-fed beef for export and domestic consumption. Mark says, “Australian agriculture has a unique situation where producers can preserve our disease-free status, providing strict quarantine is not compromised. If our marketing is done properly we can supply a clean product that can potentially demand a premium.”

A 1993 Farm Management graduate, Mark says that Marcus Oldham gave him a foundation to run a successful business.  “Experience is the ultimate lecture.  The business skills learnt at Marcus taught me to look objectively at what we do, be pro-active in decision making, and to really analyse our operations.  Marcus provides a unique education for those serious about agriculture.”

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