Success Stories - Glenn Hardy

Horse Business Management 1992
Graduate of Excellence 2009

Attracted to the racing industry, Glenn’s career so far has been in marketing and business development.  Recognised as the person to go to for industry research, survey and strategic planning requirements in the horse racing industry, Glenn Hardy has a demonstrated list of achievements which have led to further advancements in the industry.  Chairman of his company, IER Pty Ltd, the pre-eminent research and consulting company used by the racing industry, he has completed work commissioned by the Australian Racing Board and all state based racing governing bodies and major race clubs.  He has also provided advice and reports for the New Zealand Racing Board and Racing codes in British Columba, Canada.  Glenn has the trust of key racing industry officials and has gained universal acceptance and respect for his knowledge and advice.

Glenn has been a consistent campaigner, for clubs and businesses in the horse racing sector, to reinvent themselves in terms of their customer offerings and adopt a much stronger customer perspective.  He developed a unique customer survey program and quality standards systems that are now utilised as templates by many racing clubs and governing bodies, as well as by other sports and commercial enterprises.  He has developed new marketing campaigns in racing that have appealed to a broader audience and attracted new customers to the racing product.  He has championed the need for responsible service of alcohol practices, conducting safe events, OH&S requirements, minimum standards, and no BYO events, that deliver a quality experience to the customer.

Glenn has been a panel member at the 2009 Tourism Forum hosted by Tourism Alliance, Victoria, and regularly sits on review panels and provides high level advice for key projects in several states. He prepared a business plan to secure, and then conducted, the Australian Racing Hall of Fame for the first time ever held out of Melbourne.  Held in Adelaide in 2003, the event was attended by almost 1200 people and remains the highest ever attendance for this event.

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