Success Stories - Dean Harvey

Horse Business Management 1999

Being the next generation to move the thoroughbred industry ahead, Dean Harvey, 1999 recipient of the Marcus Oldham Australian Thoroughbred Scholarship and Horse Business Management graduate is now Bloodstock Manager at Woodside Park in Victoria.  “The Horse Business Management course is a wonderful precursor to industry careers and the twelve months I spent at Marcus Oldham provided me with great exposure to the major ‘players’ in Australia.”

Upon graduating, Dean gained experience working on a number of horse properties before seeing an opening as a pedigree consultant for William Inglis & Son and joined the group in Sydney for almost three years before moving to the Melbourne office.

Headhunted to run Darley’s Victorian operation, Dean jumped at the chance to work for one of the biggest studs in the world and was at Darley for around four years, developing new business in Victoria. “Darley is a great company to work for and I managed to travel often to Europe, America and Japan. The company is huge and the way they get the job done is incredible.”

Dean sees the ever-evolving globalisation of the thoroughbred industry as probably the single greatest advance of a generation. “We have access, through shuttle stallions, to every major sire line in the world, thereby attracting buyers from around the world who now attend our sales and race horses in Australia and, we have locally bred horses racing on the global stage.

“My advice to young people starting out in the industry is to get as much information as they can. If you have the passion to succeed, there are plenty of opportunities; for example, managing stud farms, training racehorses, working within a sales company.”

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