Large Scale Grape and Olive Producer

Rob McGavin (AA 93)

After leaving the College, Rob purchased a small vineyard at Renmark in the Riverland. Five years on, the vineyard has grown from 35 acres to 450 acres, putting Jubilee Park in the top 1% of private vineyards in Australia. The vineyard is state of the art in advanced technology with fully computerised pump, valve control and soil moisture monitoring as well as the latest drip technology from Israel. Rob then joined forces with Farm Management graduate Paul Riordan (FM95) four years ago and together they have since developed one of Australia's largest olive groves. Boundary Bend Estate is a 1000 acre fully irrigated olive grove located just near the Murray River. After much research and trial and error, Rob and Paul have since developed Marlborough Olive Nursery at Lara, which supplies trees to Boundary Bend Estate and the general public. Rob has also won the Marcus Oldham 'Graduate of Excellence Award'.